Treatment of Spider Veins


Before & After | Disclaimer: These results are individual and may vary according to patient.

These tiny purplish capillaries called spider veins are not harmful but are usually unsightly to many patients. Not wearing dresses and bathing suits due to the presence of spider veins in the legs is quite common. This is especially the case if there are hundreds of spider veins throughout the legs.

Great majority of the spider veins in the legs arise from feeding veins/varicose veins or leaks. In order to treat them successfully, the treatment must start from the source moving down not the other way around.

Simple sclerotherapy and or lasers and other “fancier” techniques do this in reverse. As a result, most spiders recur soon after the treatment or patients develop many tiny spider patches in the vicinity causing pinkish skin. Repeated injections can also leave dark brownish marks, called staining, on the treatment sites that can last for years.

We never perform simple sclerotherapy or lasers unless the sources have been properly corrected.

Following our steps, we have been able to create near perfect legs in over 99% of patients.