Our Technique

Our patented Veno-Merse® Technique addresses the source of the varicose veins and spider veins, thus creating near perfect legs in over 99% of our patients. Benefits include:

  • Treatment done right in the office
  • No need for any major anesthesia
  • No disability (immediately return to work and activity)
  • No pain medication is prescribed to any patients
  • Near perfect legs at the completion of the treatment


The most time consuming part of vein treatment is the initial examination to identify all of the responsible leaks (perforators) that cause large and small varicose veins and  spider veins.

During the course of treatment, all the responsible leaks and feeding veins are treated first, followed by the treatment of all of the leftover varicose veins, spiders and removal of staining. At the completion of the treatment, in a great majority of patients, the leg becomes thinner and smoother due to the elimination of swelling under the skin caused by years of fluid leakage and congestion from large varicose veins.

Approximately 60% of our patients have had previous work on their legs once or twice (laser closure, VENUS closure or old fashioned stripping). The successful outcome will be the same in these group of patients, although the course may be somewhat more complex due to previous scars.

Traveling Clots in deep veins (DVT) Pulmonary Embolus Reopening of the Closed veins
Our Technique: Immediately None (no heat is used) None None
Ablation Technique
(Laser and VNUS closure)
In 2 weeks 2.7% (Vein damage from the heat) Reported in the literature About 10% in 5 years