Ablation Technique (VNUS CLOSURE & EVLT)

One of the newer treatments to treat varicose veins and spider veins  is the Ablation technique. This technique has been adopted by many physicians of different specialties who have started treating varicose veins.The Saphenous vein is a straight, tiny vein under the skin which travels from the groin to the ankle and is believed to be responsible for the formation of the varicose and spider veins in a great majority of patients.

The assumption behind the Ablation technique is that the Saphenous vein is the only source of varicose veins and spider veins. In the old fashioned stripping method, this vein was also being removed by multiple incisions under anesthesia.

However, many recent studies have shown recurrence of the veins and spider s in  great number of these patients!

In VNUS closure, a wire is advanced inside the Saphenous vein from below the knee and to the groin. Then, the temperature of the probe is raised high enough to burn this vein. The extreme heat burns the Saphenous vein and leaves the non-viable, dead vein inside the thigh.

Some physicians will use a laser fiber to accomplish the same task. This is called Endo-laser, the EVLT procedure.

Over 60% of our new patients have had these procedures performed in the past once or twice already. There are several reasons for this recurrence: failure to recognize a second system in the thigh(accessory system), veins arising from pelvis, Leaks in the back of the knee, or large incompetent leaks in the calf.

Another rare but more serious side effect of ablation technique has been the formation of clots in the deep veins (DVT) with the serious potential risks. Many physicians do not allow patients to fly for two weeks due to this potential risk.

With all of these concerns and drawbacks, we do not recommend Ablation techniques as the best and safest choices to treat varicose veins. Ideally any procedure must be done once to eliminate the leaks, the source of the problem, on top. The Veno-Merse® Technique will achieve this. By not using heat with our system, patients can resume their activity immediately after treatment and even fly back home when visiting the office from across the country or abroad.

We use our lasers at the end of our treatment course to treat all the residual tiny spider veins AFTER all the leaks and feeders are sealed. This approach has created near perfect legs in over 99% of our clients.